Author Bio
Originally from Yorkshire, I am now lucky enough to be living in County Down, Northern Ireland. Since moving here I feel most at home outside, surrounded by the cathartic cathedral like silence that descends in the woodlands, along the Loch sides and abandoned quarries. It was here I felt the impetus to write again.
I began with just a description of a girl. I could see her so clearly as her gaze penetrated the horizon, yet there was a touch of vulnerability about her too. As her deep auburn hair was whipped violently around her in the coastal winds, she spoke to me of loss and hardship, now here she stood at the end. She had survived, but what had been the cost. The story began to unravel and evolve from here, her back story and that of her family flowed out onto the page, often in raging torrents.
It hasn't always been easy to find the time to write, as a working mother of three, nearly four fantastically charming yet quirky children, but upon finishing the ninth draft of Inheritance I felt like I accomplished what I had set out to do.
My formal education consists of average GCSE results and four A levels. It wasn't until the age of eighteen that we discovered I was dyslexic, with a little extra help from my family I have never let it hold me back. If you would like more information on dyslexia I've popped a few websites onto the Link page.
With all that said I would just like to say, Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to view my web site. I hope you enjoy the novel upon it's release, if you do please be kind and add a review, I would very much appreciate it.